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Your business is in the start-up phase. Your main focus is on keeping costs low and generating new business. This packages includes:

• quickbooks setup

• bank reconciliation

• credit card reconciliation

• monthly financial statements



Your business is no longer in that start-up phase, Yay!- but you are still focused on keeping cash in the business. You have started to hire employees to fuel your growth and feel like your business is "taking off" This packages includes:

• bill pay

• payroll(additional fees apply)

• bank & credit card reconciliation

• Monthly financial statements



Your business has been up and running for a while. You no longer need to worry about keeping the lights on. You don't want to do any of you bookkeeping work. You realize your time is better spent generating new business and managing your company. This packages includes: • basic HR • invoicing • cash flow reports • financial statements • data entry