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Are you busy running your own company or building your brand? If so, you probably don't have time to manage your finances. Desi Tax Service is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners reduce their tax liability by finding tons of missed deductions.

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Smart financial decisions for your small business can only be made if you have accurate information to base those decisions on. That means you need accurate books to keep your business on track. Why spend countless hours fretting over complicated bookkeeping tasks that may not be your forte, when you can hire a team of professionals to handle them for you?

Get your books back on track and keep them on track—month after month.

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Meet our founder

Desirae Alejandre

Tax Professional

Hey guys! My name is Desirae but my friends call me Desi. I grew up in Los Angeles, California where many unintentional entrepreneurs created small businesses to feed their families. Witnessing this hustle encouraged me to open a virtual tax office to help people in any season of their life to understand their finances to break the cycle of poverty. This change begins with educating our youth and encouraging success in our communities. The goal at Desi Tax Service is to promote generational wealth and financial literacy in minority communities to avoid exploitation from our oppressors. It would be an honor to guide you and your business in your financial journey for the upcoming tax season.


We're building love, family, and generational wealth.


Financial Literacy

By providing you the financial education that schools do not teach, we enable you to make better decisions for your family.


Building Families

Knowledge is power, and with our guidance, you will have the power to build a foundation that strengthens your family and many others.



The grind never stops because neither do your responsibilities. Being a hustler is exhausting, so let Desi Tax Service help relieve some of your financial struggles.

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Generational Wealth

We recognize your hustle and your independence, but let us help you build a blueprint so the next generation can take your dreams and theirs to the next level.


Contact Us

Contact us to see how our tax expertise and personalized services can save you time, money, and frustration with managing your personal and business needs.

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